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TKA1:200™ Reviews

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Worked For Me.

I'm in my early fifties, and until recently, I had zero sex drive, plus the dreaded middle-age spread was getting out of control. With this in mind, I started exercising last autumn, starting with long walks, then short jogs, working up from there. All was going great. I was getting back down to my fighting weight, but still no sign of my libido.

I went to the Dr, and he told me I had low testosterone at 142 nano-grams per decilitre, and I should consider TRP. I wasn't ready for anything that drastic, so I went online looking for natural remedies and so glad that I did.

I began using your Tongkat in December. The first positive sign came in Jan 2021 when my energy levels increased, followed by my sex drive returning in February. It was at this point I returned to the Dr to check my testosterone levels. Sure enough, the results came back 819 nano-grams per decilitre, a massive 476% increase over eight weeks.

I came back to order from you again and felt that you should know about my recent test results. As I write this, I am racking my brain to think of a single reason to give you anything less than five stars, but so far, I have no complains what so ever.

If you like, I can come back and leave a follow-up review at the end of April?

By on February, 28, 2021

Hi Steven,

Many thanks for leaving your recent review of TKA1:200. We are glad to hear that you have had excellent results from your Tongkat Ali usage.

If you could leave a progress update, including any appropriate diet and dosage information, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks once again for taking the time to leave your review.

Matthew Taylor - Customer Support
Tongkat Fitness Home

Best Tongkat

Lets cut straight to the point, I tried some 3% eurycomanone from another seller and it was weak as crap compared to yours, but yours is listed as 2.4% whats that all about???

By on January, 24, 2021

Hi David,

It could be several reasons, but most often I would guess the retailer you purchased from has been sold some cheap extract and hasn't got a clue what they are really selling.

World A.B.S use 2.4% Eurycomanone because it perfectly replicates high quality 1:200 strength Indonesian Tongkat Ali root extract. With 2.4% Eurycomanone you get the same strength and quality that you expect from traditional extract with all the benefits of a clean modern standardised extract.

Matthew Taylor - Customer Support
Tongkat Fitness Home

Love This Tongkat Extract

Been getting outstanding results form your Tongkat this year and just stocked up with 6 months worth using the Black Friday discount.

By on November, 29, 2020

Quality Stuff!

10 weeks back i found some Malaysian tongkat at 2% strength, the price was right so i took the plunge, but ended up at the doctors with gastroenteritis from the stuff.

Anyway, to cut a long story short i was pleased with the effects of the tongkat apart from the stomach issue so i tried yours, needless to say from my five stars it worked perfectly with no gastroenteritis.

I won't be buying any supplements off eBay again for a long while that's for sure.

By on August, 07, 2020

Hi Terry,

First, let me thank you for your review, it is very informative and we are pleased to hear you are having great results with our Tongkat Ali.

We have specialised in Tongkat Ali extracts since 2004, and we know the market inside and out.

Unfortunately, you will still find a lot of companies selling substandard Malaysian or Chinese Tongkat Ali marketed as the same strength and quality as ours, these badly produced extracts look like a good buy, but when you scratch below the surface, there is a huge difference in quality compared to the Tongkat Ali extracts that we sell.

Product safety is the reason TKA1:200 extract is produced in Europe, not South East Asia. Nothing coming out of a German plant extraction facility is going to fail safety testing and then make it to market, and that in-its-self is why we wouldn't touch some other brands of Tongkat Ali extract with a barge pole, let alone retail them on our store.

Matthew Taylor - Customer Support
Tongkat Fitness Home

The Best T-Booster I've Ever Used

Over the past two years, I've been hitting the gym hard, lifting religiously, and eating well. I gained a lot of strength and slowly made gains over the two years, but I didn't seem to be making any progress for the last three months.

I then purchased 3 bottles of your Tongkat after much research and continued the same diet and workout routines, I'm pleased to report that I've packed on 4.6Kg in just 10 weeks while using your Tongkat, considering the previous 3 months I didn't gain a thing I'm well impressed.

Going to have 4 weeks off, and then start another 10 week cycle, just wanted to drop you a quick review.

By on July, 26, 2020

Tongkat on Lockdown

We are currently on a lockdown here in NY, it’s a shock to the system for me, I never had weights around the house because I was always down the gym, but I started using your tongkat and using my house like a gym, picking up anything I can find with some weight, and using my body weight prison style workout.

I’m amazed how well this is working, I was loosing my physique just doing the home workout alone, until I added the tongkat and now I’m now I’m actually seeing results.

Hope you’re all staying safe.

By on April, 14, 2020

Great Website, Super Customer Support & Amazing Product

I started using various brands of tongkat ali back in 2015 had decent results but after six months of not using tongkat my testosterone levels fell to their usual low I realised I need to use tongkat ali longterm.

This was my the first time using your company for tongkat ali and my first time using TKA1:200 as you will know from my emails.

I'm extremely pleased with the customer support and website information. Most importantly you will be extremely pleased to hear that the TKA works perfectly for me and I will be back time and again for more!

Many, many thanks for the superb email support, you guys are the best!

By on March, 05, 2020

Feeling Great & Back For More

I am back to order my second bottle from you and looking for a little advice.

Last month I was struggling day to day with low energy, zero sex drive and probably because of that, my mood was also constantly low, every day seemed like hard work, I felt washed up.

I started taking your tongkat as instructed on the dosage page, at first I didn’t notice any change, but then after 2 weeks my energy levels began to rise, and now (week 3) my sex drive is back and my energy level is higher than I remember it being in years.

My question is, when do I start the maintaining cycle? Should I give it another week on full dosage?

By on January, 13, 2020

Hi Jake,

I would do exactly that, stay on the full dosage for one more week and then move to the maintaining cycle, if you feel any negative changes, for example your energy levels drop, or your sex drive falls move straight back to the full dosage.

From there you will be able to find the right dosage to keep your testosterone levels up while taking the lowest amount of Tongkat ali that you need. It may be that you need three weeks on the maintaining cycle and then one week on full dosage, or you may be fine just using the maintaining cycle from now on, each individual is different but you're on the right path.

Matthew Taylor - Customer Support
Tongkat Fitness Home

Best Tongakt Ali available

The Product itself works perfect and I don't want to miss it, this time shipping was the problem, but Matthew did everything possible and finally the third parcel arrives very very quick :) Thanks a lot ! Very trustful seller!

By on December, 16, 2019

Hi Chris,

Every now and then we get seriously let down by the postal services, but we will make sure you get your order, no matter what.

Matthew Taylor - Customer Support
Tongkat Fitness Home

Worst Case Delivery :/

First order with Royal Mail never picked up or sent, replacement order send with DHL Express but till now not arrived too, I know in this case it's not your bad, but i need my TKA!

By on December, 10, 2019