Genuine Tongkat Ali Root Extract
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Genuine Tongkat Ali Root Extract
4.2 average (66 reviews)
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Buy The Best Tongkat Ali Extract

TKA1:200™ Tongkat Ali extract

Standardized at 2.4% Eurycomanone

At Tongkat Fitness, we test a wide variety of Tongkat ali products, from traditional, through to modern standardized extracts, we do this to ensure that the Tongkat ali we supply is not only the safest but also the easiest to use and most effective.

Below we have listed three key reasons why TKA1:200™ is our first choice Tongkat ali extract. You will notice that TKA1:200™ contains no rice powder, magnesium stearate, or silica, unlike many of the cheaper products available online.

The Most Effective Tongkat Ali

Thanks to the combination of Delayed-Release capsules, premium quality 2.4% Eurycomanone extract, and the absence of bulking/flowing agents, TKA1:200™ is more than twice as effective at boosting free testosterone levels than any other Tongkat ali extract.

The Safest Extract Available

Because TKA1:200™ is one of the few Tongkat ali extracts produced in Europe using modern production methods with stringent safety regulations certified to ISO 17025 standards.

TKA1:200™ is free from the type of contaminants that are typically associated with the traditional extracts produced in Asia, making TKA1:200™ perfect for long-term use.

The Easiest Extract To Use

Thanks to the consistent production quality of TKA1:200 through standardizing the extract at 2.4% eurycomanone, TKA1:200™ is much easier to use than most other extracts, allowing users to fine-tune their dosage with accurate, repeatable results every time.

  • Standardized root extract
  • Consistent strength & quality
  • Ideal for bodybuilding & health usage

Better By Design

Of all the nutritional products we have used since 2004, World A.B.S™ has proven to be superior by far, striving to provide the highest quality sport and health supplements through research testing and continually improving manufacturing techniques.

Production Standards

While most other Tongkat Ali extracts are produced in south-east Asia to a relatively low standard, World A.B.S™ import their tongkat ali root directly into Europe where the extract process is performed to a stringent set of regulations for safety and quality. The result means TKA1:200™ tongkat ali is of a much higher quality than its competitors.

Root Selection

By employing an 'on-the-ground' raw materials specialist, World A.B.S are not tied to a single root supplier, giving them complete flexibility to select the best available tongkat ali root for production at the time of purchase.

Expert Extraction

The premium quality Indonesian tongkat ali root is then sent for production at one of three European plant extraction facilities, each of these facilities specializes in producing HPLC standardized plant extracts for EU and U.S. markets.

Standardized Extract

World A.B.S use a unique HPLC standardized tongkat ali extract at 2.4% Eurycomanone; this provides TKA1:200™ with a consistent, safe and high-quality extract.

2.4% Eurycomanone

Through intensive testing, dedicated research and mountains of customer feedback, World A.B.S have found 2.4% eurycomanone to be the perfect extract strength for use in 400mg size capsules, providing a safe everyday use tongkat ali root extract, maximizing the testosterone boosting effectiveness while maintaining the safety and integrity of natural tongkat ali extract.

DRS Capsule Delivery

DRS stands for Delayed-Release System; these capsules are specially designed to release acid sensitive ingredients such as tongkat ali extract into your digestive tract at the correct pH, this not only increases the absorption rate but also reduces the chance of gastric acids damaging the active ingredients or converting them into useless byproducts.

To learn more about DRS capsules please click here to visit the World A.B.S website.

Inside Each Bottle

Each bottle of TKA1:200™ contains 90 x 400mg standardized tongkat ali root extract capsules, this is a total of 36 grams of extract.

When used for bodybuilding, one bottle of TKA1:200™ lasts around 30 days. If you are using TKA1:200™ for health reasons, a single bottle can be made to last approximately 60 days.


The manufacturer's directions for use recommend that you take one capsule three times daily. For a more in-depth look at dosage based on your requirements, we recommend taking a look at our dosage page by clicking here.

Extended Usage

TKA1:200™ can be used indefinitely at a low dosage with short brakes of 1 to 3 days as needed. When used at the full dosage it is recommended to have a rest period of at least four weeks every twelve weeks of use.


Below we have listed all of the relevant information for the TKA1:200™ we have in stock, and currently shipping at Tongkat Fitness.

  • Batch Number: 0857
  • Expiry Date: 05/2024

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4.2 average (66 reviews)

What is going on?

I used your Tongkat Ali back in 2012, it was fantastic, I used it for about 12 months on-and-off with great results, more recently I wanted to do another cycle shopping around I bought another brand who shall remain nameless but it was pointless taking it, I had my T levels tested while using the off brand Tongkat and my free testosterone level was lower than before taking it?

Still chasing the great results I had in 2012 I bought a single bottle from your site agin last month and can report that my free T levels are storming back.

Can you explain why this is? Was the Tongkat I bought real, or is it down to the DRS capsules?

By on March, 22, 2023

Hi Paul,

Unfortunately, we find that 95% of Tongkat Ali products on the market today are cheap Chinese extracts that are basically fake or very badly produced, giving Tongkat Ali a bad name in the process.

A lot of these shops selling these inferior extracts don't specialise in any particular product will often just buy the cheapest powders they can and pump it out as genuine Tongkat Ali extract.

I would highly recommend buying from a store that specialises in a handful of products, that way you are more likely to buy quality. These shops with tens if not hundreds of products don't invest any time into the products, they just want another line for as cheap as they can get and sell for as much as they can get.

Hope this helps.

Matthew Taylor - Customer Support
Tongkat Fitness Home

Genuine Stuff

Best quality tongkat I’ve used, and I’ve used a few.

Cheers lads for the great product and great service.

By on February, 09, 2023

Astonishing, saved me from TRT.

I had tried several supplements that claimed to boost testosterone on their websites, but none had the desired result, I then watched a Joe Rogan clip on YouTube when researching natural T boosters, and they were recommending your product, this was my last port of call before my doctor placed me on TRT, so I was really hoping this wasn’t just another over hyped product, and if I’m honest, by now I was very sceptical.

One month later…

My free testosterone levels are rising with every visit to the doctor and no side effects.

I really can’t complain, if you decide to do a subscription service with discount let me know and I’ll be first to sign up.

All the best,


By on June, 26, 2022

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