Tongkat Ali Dosage - Learn How to Use Tongkat Ali Correctly.
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Tongkat Ali Dosage

In this section, you will find our simplified guide to tongkat ali dosage. We have formulated this guide from our own first-hand experience using tongkat ali extract.

Tongkat Ali Dosage Overview

Firstly, we have separated tongkat ali usage into three different cycles: Increasing, Maintaining and Lowering. Using tongkat ali extract in this manner will help you to safely manage your testosterone level and get the most from your tongkat ali purchase.

Increasing Cycle

To increase your testosterone level with TKA1:200 tongkat ali extract we advise taking the full manufactures recommended dosage of three capsules per day as follows:

  • One 400mg capsule first thing in the morning
  • A second 400mg capsule in the middle of your day
  • And a third 400mg capsule last thing at night

Tongkat ali should be taken in this dosage until you feel that your testosterone has reached the desired level.

Bodybuilding Usage

If you are using tongkat ali for bodybuilding, wait until you can feel the testosterone boost positively affecting your workouts and then move to one of the maintaining cycles listed below.

Low Testosterone Usage

When using tongkat ali extract for low testosterone related symptoms, then it is best to use TKA1:200 in the increasing cycle mode until you feel your symptoms subsiding, keep using in the increasing cycle mode for another four days and then move to one of the maintaining cycles listed below.

Maintaining Cycle

We have illustrated two methods of maintaining a high testosterone level with TKA1:200 tongkat ali extract; you have to experiment and find which method works best for you.

Method 1: Take one capsule first thing in the morning and a second capsule last thing at night taken five days a week with two days off.

Method 2: Use one capsule per day taken last thing at night, with one day off every four days.

It is best to experiment with the above methods to find which one works best for you to maintain your raised testosterone. The maintaining methods shown above can be used indefinitely, but we recommend having a complete two-week break from tongkat ali at least every fourteen weeks.

Lowering Cycle

If you have been using tongkat ali at a high dosage for an extended period and wish to lower your dosage or stop using tongkat ali altogether, it is best to taper down the number of capsules you are using, rather than just cutting off the tongkat ali usage overnight.

If you have been taking the three capsules per day as per the Increasing Cycle, drop to the Maintaining Cycle method for five days, followed by maintaining cycle Method 2 for three days and then move to the lowering cycle illustrated below.

From taking one capsule daily as per the maintaining cycle Method 2, lower down to one capsule taken on alternating days for five days running, take a break of three days and then take one capsule midday on alternate days for another three days.

Tongkat Ali Dosage Long-term

We are often asked how long can a user stay on tongkat ali extract, unfortunately, no single answer suits everyone, for example, if you had been suffering low testosterone levels and corrected this with tongkat ali extract using the Maintaining Cycle at the minimum dosage that works for you, then technically you can use tongkat ali indefinitely. If you are using tongkat ali extract at higher dosages, then you will need to take a rest period of at least four weeks every twelve weeks of use.

Tongkat Ali Side Effects