Tongkat Ali Benefits

Tongkat ali root extract is used by thousands of men worldwide to increase their testosterone levels safely. We have highlighted two of the most common reasons for using tongkat ali extract below.

Hypoandrogenism (Low Testosterone)

After age thirty, most men begin to experience a gradual decline in testosterone levels, if testosterone levels fall below 250 ng/dL this is diagnosed as low testosterone (Hypoandrogenism). Tongkat ali extract is commonly used by men suffering from Hypoandrogenism to increase the natural production of testosterone, reversing the symptoms of low testosterone.

If you find yourself suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone such as erectile dysfunction/low sex drive, fatigue or depression, using standardized tongkat ali root extract is an excellent way to help steadily increase your testosterone back up to a healthy level.

What To Expect When Using Tongkat Ali For Low Testosterone

Depending on your initial testosterone level and how well you respond to tongkat ali extract it can take from one to three weeks for a sufferer of Hypoandrogenism to fully feel the positive effects of their tongkat ali.

Users who begin taking TKA1:200 tongkat ali extract to treat the symptoms of low testosterone typically report an increased sex drive finding themselves more easily aroused with stronger erections and more energy day to day. Tongkat Ali users who suffered from depression have reported bouts of depression becoming mild and infrequent, or disappearing completely.

Bodybuilding / Fitness

TKA1:200 is very popular amongst men looking to push their natural testosterone levels to the maximum as safely as possible, taking full advantage of the muscle building benefits that go hand in hand with a raised level of free testosterone and intense workouts.

What To Expect When Using Tongkat Ali For Bodybuilding

Week (1) On your first week you will not notice a massive change in your body as your testosterone level will be steadily increasing from its original level, but steadily increasing with each day of usage.

Week (2) By week two you should begin to notice an increase in strength and slightly faster recovery rate after training. (An increased sex drive is often reported in week 2.)

Week (3) During week three you should experience your strength increasing further, plus a heightened sense of well-being, you may also notice a slight increase in aggressiveness towards your workouts.

Week (4) By week four you should have seen an increase in lean muscle mass, and depending on your diet and workout technique you may have noticed a reduction in body fat. Your general feel-good factor and confidence levels should be significantly higher than usual.

Week (5) & (6) During weeks five and six your testosterone levels will be substantially higher; this is when you will notice the most significant benefits from your TKA1:200, gaining lean muscle mass and feeling stronger with every workout.

*PLEASE NOTE: At a chosen point between weeks three and six you may want to adjust your dosage to maintain a high level of testosterone, rather than continuing to push it up further, this is up to the user to decide, see our dedicated Tongkat Ali Dosage page for more information.

Tongkat Ali Safety