What Are HPLC Standardized Extracts?

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) analysis equipment is commonly used in the plant extract industry to achieve consistent extracts of varying strengths. By using HPLC analysis equipment manufacturing facilities can test and monitor the compound make up of any plant extract during the production phase.

HPLC standardized Tongkat Ali is a root extract produced using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography to analyze the composition of the extract during the liquid stage, adjusting the formula as necessary before moving to the drying stage. This method of producing Tongkat Ali extract is time-consuming and expensive compared to traditional extract, but the extra cost is worth the beneficial outcome. Using HPLC analysis equipment means that once a safe and effective extract formula is established, the extract will be reproduced accurately every time.

Traditional Tongkat Ali extract techniques rely on the quantity and age of root used to produce the extract, leaving the key quassinoids and active compounds to chance, this meant that you could never be sure how effective, safe or consistent your Tongkat Ali purchase would be, despite the strength rating marked on the bottle. 

What Are The TKA 1:200 Extract Specifications?

Although the TKA 1:200 extract specifications are a closely guarded secret (intellectual property owned by World A.B.S™), we can give you some insight as to how the formula was ascertained.

First Stage - Initial Testing: World A.B.S internal trials took place from 2011 to 2013 testing for safety and effectiveness of various extract specifications. These trials determined the upper limits of safe extract ratios that maintain the integrity of the extracts built in anti-estrogen properties.

Second Stage - Independent Trials: Separate independent trials took place from 2013 to 2015, these tests assess the testosterone boosting capabilities of a smaller group of  HPLC Tongkat Ali root extracts with varying specifications.

Third Stage - Real World Testing: In partnership with World A.B.S Tongkat Fitness helped to gather real world usage data to help determine the final extract specifications. By selecting 25 of our long term repeat customers who kindly agreed to test three different specifications of the new Tongkat Ali extract marked only with (A), (B) or (C) and report back we were able to determine a clear extract formula that most effectively boosts free testosterone levels.

Conclusion: As you can see TKA 1:200 Standardized Extract comes from many years of studying, testing and real world customer feedback. Because of this level of scrutiny in production TKA 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract is the gold standard Tongkat Ali extract and widely regarded as world's most effective natural testosterone booster available.

The Benefits of Using Standardized Extract

Safety: The HPLC standardization method allows for a 100% contaminate free extract to be produced while maintaining the integrity of the Tongkat Ali extract.

Strength: Because the HPLC extraction process is entirely controlled from start to finish, a consistent strength extract is produced every batch.

Dosage: With each batch of TKA 1:200 standardised Tongkat Ali extract identical in strength and quality, reliable dosage information can be used delivering consistent results.

Results: With the standardized specifications for TKA 1:200 Extract the testosterone boosting effects are both more effective and 100% constant from batch to batch.

Sustainability: With the new controlled levels and testing during the extraction process Tongkat Ali root is no longer selected by color or age, and can be chosen from a wider range of sources.

Additional Information

If you would like further information about the production of standardized Tongkat Ali extract, please click here to view the World A.B.S website.

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