Tongkat Ali & Tongkat Ali Extract Explained in Full
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Tongkat Ali

Tongkat ali is a tall plant native to Southeastern Asia, known locally as Eurycoma longifolia, malaysian ginseng or pasak bumi [R]. The roots of the tongkat ali plant are ground into a paste and boiled in water, the liquid brew is then consumed as a traditional medicine for its testosterone boosting and aphrodisiac properties.

tongkat ali Trees

Tongkat ali trees

Tongkat ali Plant

Tongkat ali plant

Tongkat ali roots

Tongkat ali roots

What Is Tongkat Ali Extract?

Today tongkat ali is commonly used in plant extract form, taken in capsules as a health supplement or added to food and beverages to boost natural testosterone production in the body. It is in this modern extract form that tongkat ali has gained notoriety as a powerful, safe and alll natural testosterone booster. tongkat ali is used by sufferers of low testosterone, and also at higher dosages by bodybuilders looking for a safer way to introduce more testosterone into their body.

Tongkat Standardized Extract

Sample Extract 2%

tongkat ali Chipped Root

Chipped Root

tongkat ali root extract

Tongkat ali extract

Tongkat ali root extract is a fine water-soluble powder that contains the active quassinoids found within the roots of the plant. Tongkat ali extract can vary in color from light sandy brown to a dark reddish brown depending on the roots selected for use, and the production methods used during the extraction process [R].

Standardized tongkat ali extract tends to be lighter brown as it has fewer impurities, a well-produced traditional extract will often have a slightly darker tan color sometimes with a reddish tint. In some cases you may come across dark brown extracts, these have been overheated in the drying phase, if this is the case the extract will have charcoal smell and characteristics.

How Tongkat Ali Works