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Genuine Tongkat Ali Root Extract
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TKA1:200™ Reviews

(average from 40 reviews)

Review Pt 2 (TKA1:200)

Submitted on 2018-09-23
Submitted By Oliver B

As promised, part 2 of my review, lets get into this...

I have been using TKA1:200 for exactly 4 weeks now and the first thing I want to mention is the testosterone boost. For me TKA1:200 has proved stronger than any other supplement I've used in the past for increasing my testosterone, this includes other tongkat ali extracts.

Week 1 and 2 the T boost was on par with other tongkat extracts, but heading into week 3 is where TKA excelled in my opinion. While other extracts seem to fade off after week 3 TKA just keeps boosting and boosting.

At the end of week 4 and going into my second bottle, I lowered the dosage to 1 capsule per day for 6 days straight, I did this to reduce my free testosterone levels after getting a breakout of spots on my back and finding myself feeling very aggressive in traffic, especially on the way to work.

I then upped the dosage to 2 capsules per day when I found the aggression subsided.

I might write a review Part 3, cycling TKA 1:200 if anyone is interested on how I take my rest periods??

Not Helping Me With Depression

Submitted on 2018-09-19
Submitted By Paul Dawson

I am 57 and using this for low energy and to help with the deep bouts of depression that I have been suffering since the passing of my wife, it seems to of worked for my low energy and has increased sex drive but I am still very low and would like to find out if there is something else you can offer me?

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your feedback, reading your review it appears that you are going through a grieving process, this is not something that tongkat ali extract will help you with, we strongly recommend that you speak to a professional counsellor or therapist to help you deal with your loss.

Matthew Taylor - Customer Support

Review Pt 1 (Delivery)

Submitted on 2018-08-26
Submitted By Oliver Barnes

I want to write an overall review of your product and service, so here goes with my experience of your delivery.

I received my order today (August 24th) delivered in SD California, the order was placed on the 21st and dispatched the same day, so depending how you count the days 3 to 4 working days from placing my order to receiving it here on the west coast.

I am going to give you 4 stars for delivery, it was free shipping so I can’t complain, if it was a paid service I would knock the stars to 3 as next day delivering would be 4 stars and same day delivery would be what I considered a 5 star service.

Overall I hope you appreciate my feedback and honest review.

Oliver B

All I Can Say Is... Amazing!

Submitted on 2018-08-01
Submitted By Colin Thorn

This stuff turned my life back 20 years, the way I describe TKA to my mates is like when you realise that you need glasses and then after using them for a week you think, how the hell did I get by without glasses.

I didn’t realise just how tired and in a daze I had become until I used tongkat for three weeks and now I feel 20 years younger. Seriously amazing stuff.

Tongkat Ali Used To Treat Depression

Submitted on 2018-07-22
Submitted By David Kemp

After suffering with mild bouts of depression since I reached my mid thirties I visited a local Holland & Barrett's store, they recommended several things one being Star Flower oil, that helped me a little.

But what really kicked my depression for six was when I began taking TKA 1:200 along with the Star Flower oil, I am now glowing and nothing phases me, my depression has completely gone.

I hope that this review helps others in my situation.

All the very best,

Dave. Doncaster UK

Trouble Sleeping

Submitted on 2018-07-18
Submitted By Carl

I've been taking the capsules at 3 caps per day for 4 weeks and I'm starting to find that I'm having trouble sleeping, I was up until around 13:45 last night (this morning). Is there caffeine in the capsules?

Hi Carl,

Thanks for your review, first let me confirm that there is no caffeine in the capsules. One of the side effects from high testosterone is that you will find yourself with excess energy, this is even more noticeable if you had low testosterone and low energy to begin with.

Looking at your review, it appears that you are using 3 capsules per day and have been for 4 weeks, if you were looking to raise your testosterone from low to normal, I would suggest lowering your dosage to 2 capsules per day as by the sounds of it your testosterone level may be higher than it needs to be.

Taking 3 capsules per day for an extended period is going to really push your T levels sky high, this is normally done by those looking for bodybuilding results from excessive testosterone levels.

Matthew Taylor - Customer Support

Excellent Service Outstanding Product

Submitted on 2018-07-17
Submitted By Dr Iain J Wilkinson

As I said in our previous email exchanges, I would write a product review once I had tried the TKA1:200 Tongkat Ali extract and let you know my thoughts.

First I want to thank you for the fast delivery, I honestly didn’t expect a free delivery service shipped from the UK to Australia to come through so fast, with a delivery period of 4 working days from ordering to receiving that’s impressive service.

As for the TKA 1:200 I was equally impressed with the speed at which the extract took effect on me. Having regular health checks it was noted that my testosterone level was slowly decreasing over the last 24 months and the TKA 1:200 has reversed this trend within just a 3 week period.

I will now be ordering more stock so that I can balance my testosterone level at a healthy high point long term.

Many thanks for your professional service.

Why Is Brazil Missing From The Shipping List?

Submitted on 2018-07-14
Submitted By David Faber

I've been ordering your Tongkat Ali for years, and when I come to order today I can no longer find Brazil listed as a shipping destination.

Can someone fix this issue for me please.

Hi David,

We have updated the website recently and some of the previous shipping destinations still need adding to the new website. I will have the web team put Brazil back on the shipping destinations list for you.

Matthew Taylor - Customer Support

Super Strength Stuff

Submitted on 2018-07-13
Submitted By Stevie B

Hi Tongkat Fitness

Last year I tried a dark brown 1:200 extract taken at 1800mg/day, I found it to be a very solid T boost. When I had my bloods I was averaging around 1700 ng/dl.

I have since been using your standardized 2.4% TKA at the recommended 1200md/day dosage, when I had my bloods done this time the result came back at 2800 ng/dl. Very, very impressed!

Heatwave + Testosterone!!!!

Submitted on 2018-06-25
Submitted By Andy P

We are having a crazy heatwave here in the UK at the moment, the weather is unbelievable, my T levels are sky high from the TKA and I feel like a million bucks, I’m off for a run tonight, and then down at gym tomorrow night. Nothing can stop me! Bring on the weekend!

Incredible Extract

Submitted on 2018-06-24
Submitted By Dave Thompson

This extract has me seriously amped up, I had used other tongkat extracts in the past and they worked well for me, and I was happy until the last bottle they sent me was really dark brown, tasted nothing like the previous batches I had received, it had a charcoal smell to it and didn’t seem to do much for me.

So I thought I would give our TKA a try, I seriously didn’t know what I was missing this stuff is on another level, 1 capsule per day of the TKA is more effective than eating 3 of the old stuff. I don’t know if it’s the delayed release capsules or just the better quality extract, either way it’s incredible quality stuff.

Top marks my friends, have a great weekend, I sure am : )

Regards, Dave Thompson

No Information For Women

Submitted on 2018-06-22
Submitted By Jennifer Smith

I am a female bodybuilder and recently began looking into tongkat extracts for the testosterone effects, but I can not find any information for women users on your website.

The content is great for men, but I feel you should have some information for women too.

Hi Jennifer,

You raise a valid point, but unfortunately, we do not have any first-hand experience here at Tongkat Fitness of women using Tongkat Ali extract, nor have we come across any substantial research or studies documenting the use of Tongkat Ali by women.

Because of this, we would not feel confident in publishing any guidelines or usage advice at this time.

Matthew Taylor - Customer Support

Misleading Shipping Policy

Submitted on 2018-06-21
Submitted By Thomas Crawford

I ordered my product 11 days ago and live in the United States. My package was shipped from England and has currently been sitting in customs in NYC for several days.

Their shipping policy indicated a ship time of 3-5 days and a US shipment from Philadelphia. Based on recommendations from a friend and various internet sources, this company's product is fantastic and one of the best, if not the best available.

However, it is troubling that the shipping policy is not represented accurately on their web site.

Hi Thomas,

First, let me thank you for your feedback, our shipping policy was out of date, we have since updated the information to reflect delivery times accurately.

Additionally, you will be pleased to know that we have dropped Royal Mail entirely, and use DHL Express for all U.S. customers with an average delivery time of 48 hours from dispatch.

Matthew Taylor - Customer Support

Best Tongkat I've Used

Submitted on 2018-06-21
Submitted By John Mellor

Of all the Tongkat Ali extract I have used this has to be the most effective. Love it!

Too Much For Me

Submitted on 2018-06-21
Submitted By Paul

I had to give up, I was using it as a bodybuilding supp but my sex drive was going to have me in a car crash if I wasn't careful, I couldn't even drive down the road straight without being transfixed on some girls rear.

If your sex drive is already high I wouldn't recommend using this, especially if you're already in a relationship, this stuff will get you in serious trouble.

Using For Bodybuilding & Need Advice

Submitted on 2018-06-21
Submitted By Arron Firth

Decent T-booster apart from I started with a bit of testo temper after about three weeks at max dosage!

Other than the aggression ive had no other sides, just back to order another bottle to extend my cycle, should I lower the dosage or keep at the max 3 caps a day?

Now im seeing the results coming faster im loving my time in the gym and currently in the best shape ive ever been, I don't want to stop, but don't want to overdo it!

Hi Arron,

First, let me say, it is company policy that we advise you to follow the dosage guidelines as recommended by the manufacturer's instructions.

That being said, I can offer some advice from our experience and customer feedback, to get the best results for bodybuilding users often cycle on for 8 to 12-week cycles, if you feel any side effects lower the dosage slightly until the unwanted side effects disappear and always taper the dosage off slowly after using at high dosages.

Also, please read our dosage, safety and side effects pages for more information.

Matthew Taylor - Customer Support

Super Happy Customer

Submitted on 2018-06-21
Submitted By Mike

I had recently been diagnosed with Hypogonadism and to be honest, I was a little sceptical about trying Tongkat ali extract but had heard good things so, wanted to give it a chance.

I wanted to try a natural product before jumping head first into the murky world of pharmaceuticals that were initially recommended, and so after several weeks and many late nights researching Tongkat ali extract, I decided to try TKA1:200 and thus purchased a bottle from your store.

I am pleased to report that my testosterone level has risen over a three week period from 140ng/dL to 410ng/dL and when last checked I was showing 980 ng/dL, for me this is amazing, and exactly what I wanted to hear when I got my blood tests back. My testosterone is now at a healthy level, and we are monitoring the dosage to stabilise at around 900ng/dL range.

I do not normally write reviews unless I have had a bad experience, but having just got back from the doctor's appointment with the good news I feel compelled to give credit where credit is due.

You have a happy customer for life, great website, great information and great product, I couldn't be happier.

Follow Up To My Previous Review

Submitted on 2018-06-21
Submitted By Brandon Turner

After a second month on TKA1:200 I moved to the maintaining cycle as your dosage page recommends. My testosterone check showed I was at 1,218ng/dL, as you can see the level had dropped slightly in the second month of use, but overall I'm very impressed with the results.

I may consider moving back to the increasing cycle if the level drops below 900ng/dL.

A Powerful Supplement For Sure

Submitted on 2018-06-21
Submitted By Tom Newton

Never experienced a supplement that has this much of an effect on my overall well-being & workout results. I'm not normally the type of guy who writes reviews but this needs to be recommended.


Great Website, Super Customer Support & Amazing Product

Submitted on 2018-06-21
Submitted By Aarron Jones

I started using various brands of tongkat ali back in 2015 had decent results but after six months of not using tongkat my testosterone levels fell to their usual low I realised I need to use tongkat ali longterm.

This was my the first time using your company for tongkat ali and my first time using TKA1:200 as you will know from my emails.

I'm extremely pleased with the customer support and website information. Most importantly you will be extremely pleased to hear that the TKA works perfectly for me and I will be back time and again for more!

Many, many thanks for the superb email support, you guys are the best!

Impressive Results

Submitted on 2018-06-21
Submitted By Brandon Turner

My recent blood test results show an increase of 176% over a 30 day period using TKA 1:200 at the dosage recommended on the bottle. I started at 652 ng/dL on the 20th of February and steadily rising up to 1,149 ng/dL by the 19th of March.

I have a 2 month supply so I'll be post my final test results up on here next month.

Feeling very positive no sides effects noted so far.

Will This Actually Work?

Submitted on 2018-06-21
Submitted By James Hickman

My friends had been raving about TKA 1:200 for months and so I went on Amazon and bought some more affordable Tongkat but after using it for 3 weeks it did nothing for me at all, I'm still curious to find out if the extract I bought was crap or does Tongkat Ali do nothing for me? Will I notice any difference if I use your premium stuff?

Hi James,

Without knowing the brand, or type of extract that you used, it is hard for me to give you an accurate explanation as to why the extract you used did not perform as expected, if you can email me via the details found on our Contact Us page, we would be happy to investigate this further for you.

There are some individuals for whom Tongkat Ali extract proves less effective on than other, but generally its more down to tuning your usage and diet to get the most from the extract. There is a chance that the extract you used was not genuine Tongkat Ali Root extract, we have found some bad examples on eBay recently.

I look forward to speaking with you about this issue over email.

Matthew Taylor - Customer Support

Saved My Marriage

Submitted on 2018-06-21
Submitted By M. L

I'm not going to use my real name on this review but wanted to thank you for pretty much saving my marriage.

My wife had been saying how I lack intimacy in the bedroom saying that I had lost interest in her and to be honest I thought I had. After reading up on Tongkat Ali for serval weeks I tried your TKA1:200 and 2 weeks later I can't keep my hands off my wife, she wonders round with a glow and a smile on her face 24/7, I really can't thank you enough.

Just As Described

Submitted on 2018-06-21
Submitted By Aaren Chambers

Unmistakable Tongkat Ali taste pure and bitter as hell, love it!

Will I Need Estrogen Blockers?

Submitted on 2018-06-21
Submitted By Edward Price

Okay, I was a bit overwhelmed how strong this stuff actually is, which got me thinking as I am now half way through my 8 week cycle, will I need to use some kind of estrogen blockers while using TKA, or when I come off it?

Thanks, Ed.

Hi Ed,

Glad to hear you are getting excellent results from your TKA 1:200.

One of the best things about using good quality Tongkat Ali is that it contains 1β,12α,15β-Triacetyleurycomanone this compound stops your free testosterone from converting to estrogen via aromatase.

Because of this we also recommend gently lowering your Tongkat Ali usage over a period of two weeks or more to help reduce any chance of a spike in estrogen occurring when you decide to stop using Tongkat Ali. More information about this can be found on our 'Tongkat Ali Saftey,' 'Dosage' and 'Side Effects' pages.

Matthew Taylor - Customer Support

Good Product - Shipping Was Expensive

Submitted on 2018-06-20
Submitted By Adam Smith

I was disappointed when DHL called to inform me that I needed to pay an additional fee to receive my order, looking into this further it seems I was charged import tax by Thailand customs and excise, something I wish I'd been made aware of before ordering!

Other than the import fees the extract is superb and I would like to order again, only this time can I request standard mail service rather than a currier? The expensive curriers seem to be more strict with the paperwork resulting in fees.

Hi Adam,

First, let me thank you for your review, I am sorry to hear that you incurred import fees on your recent order, we can certainly make arrangements for your future orders to be sent out using standard mail services, I will email you regarding this matter and make arrangements as necessary.

Matthew Taylor - Customer Support

Using Regularly Stops Depression

Submitted on 2018-06-20
Submitted By Sean Malto

I Started off last year with the TKA 1:200 one month supply in the hope that tongkat ali would help with my depression after being told by my GP that I had low testosterone levels. I was sceptical at first after using other supplements to little or no avail but here I am ordering with my VIP discount and feeling depression free, full of energy and happier than I've felt in many years.

Five stars from me!

Best Extract I've Seen For A Long Time

Submitted on 2018-06-20
Submitted By James M

As a long, long, long time user starting in 1991 I have seen Tongkat Ali extract go through many fazes from the premium quality era of 1993 to 1998 and then later into the 2000's the quality seemed to slump as some companies got greedy watering the expensive extract down with generic powders creating a less bitter, less potent powder.

Thankfully the quality seemed to be on the rise again over the last 4 years Its wonderful to see the good stuff is back, lets hope it stays that way, as long as one company keeps the quality high the rest will have to follow!

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way" :John C. Maxwell


Submitted on 2018-06-20
Submitted By Hugo Carter

Thank you for the quick delivery I am very happy with the tongkat ali. First two days I took 1 cap 3 times a day, didn't notice much then on the 8th day it really kicked in and now my strength has increased, I feel more energy and got great pump at the gym its the best natural stuff iv ever taken so far, I'm very impressed with it, I will update you later after I'v completed my cycle.

I would recommend your company and products to everyone so many fake sellers of tongkat ali on the internet its great to find a company with genuine stuff and great service thanks will buy again and recommending this product to friends.

Much Needed & Loved Supplement

Submitted on 2018-06-20
Submitted By Stan Keen

For a while I had plateaued with my lifts and my overall muscle gains and so I found myself thinking what next and how to progress further with my workout stamina. I'd heard a couple of the guys down at my local gym mention this extract on a number of occasions but didn't really catch on, then my previous trainer mentioned it to me and so I thought I would give it a bash.

After a couple of monthly cycles I had broke through the plateau of weight that I had been at for some time and now I'm back on a track of progressing so I firmly recommend this supp for anyone in a similar position to me.

The sexual benefit is simply an added bonus!


Submitted on 2018-06-20
Submitted By James Partridge

I don't usually do this but after my first cycle on TKA 1:200 I was so impressed I thought I'd go out of my way to write a quick review.

I'm serving in the armed forces and its hard as hell to get a good supplement out here that's accepted as a natural supplement and not classed as a drug or steroid, needless to say with the tongkat I've had no problems in that area so far, what impressed me most was how the testosterone boost from TKA gave me the energy and drive to do my job without feeling burnt out at all, plus I was getting ripped naturally just from doing my job!

Getting paid and getting ripped, you can’t beat it!

We are ordering a 4 bottles next week and splitting it 2 ways, also increasing my protein intake and lifting more targeting my shoulders, biceps and chest! Looking forward to getting on my next cycle.

Works Very Well But Hurts The Wallet

Submitted on 2018-06-20
Submitted By Jack Randel

Easily the best testosterone booster I've used, but also one of the most expensive.

Thumbs Up

Submitted on 2018-06-20
Submitted By Bob Stansfield

When you find a source of good quality 1:200 you don't take it for granted, especially at my age.

Through experience I can tell you, you have to be very careful when buying Tongkat Ali I once got sucker punched on some 'so called 1:200' strength extract that had come from ------ it was more like green tea!

Oh and if your wondering my wife found the TKA 1:200 in my bedside draw and googled the stuff, she now thinks I'm a 52 year old bodybuilder! (i'll keep letting her think so too).

Working Out At 100% And Back On Form!

Submitted on 2018-06-20
Submitted By Kevin Smith

Bought a bottle after speaking to my personal trainer I was lacking energy and drive to train, after 2 weeks my energy level at the gym and drive for life was increase by 2 fold!

I am now training harder than ever and feeling great.

Thanks, I will be recommending!

Top Notch Extract

Submitted on 2018-06-20
Submitted By Luke Forrest

As a frequent user of Tongkat Ali I am delighted to find TKA1:200 every bit as good as I expected, I am impressed with the companies dedication to quality.

Very happy to become a regular customer.

Rgds. Luke Forrest

It Took A While To Kick In, Is This Normal?

Submitted on 2018-06-20
Submitted By Ben Milburn

This is my first time using tongkat ali, I found that it took around 16 days before I started to noticed it having any effect, is this normal?

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your feedback, there are many factors than can effect how well an individual responds to Tongkat Ali, factors such as your initial testosterone level when starting to use the extract, your diet and age can also effect how well your body reacts to Tongkat Ali, each user is slightly different in this respect.

The main thing to keep in mind is that if you do get the desired effect in the end then that is good news and best to stay on the increasing cycle longer than average before moving to a maintaining cycle.

If you find that Tongkat Ali extract does not help you personally then there is no point in continuing on using.

Matthew Taylor - Customer Support

Found The Good Stuff

Submitted on 2018-06-20
Submitted By Oliver Green

The first time I tried Tongkat Ali I foolishly wasted thirty some dollars with **CENSORED** thinking I was getting a bit of a bargain, it took two weeks to arrive which was my first gripe, other than the shipping delays it was ok, it made me realise that Tongkat Ali works for me so since my first experience I decided to order myself some TKA 1:200 from you guys and give it a try.

I was mainly looking for a more reliable service and faster shipping but I now realise that other stuff I had previously bought was about half the strength of your TKA 1:200 and thus making it about twice as expensive for me just to get the same results.


Submitted on 2018-06-20
Submitted By Bradley F

TKA is cranking my sex drive up to eleven! (a little Spinal Tap joke for you there), but seriously, I've never felt anything like it, absolutely amazing stuff, thank you so much.


Pricy But Works Well

Submitted on 2018-06-20
Submitted By Wayne Atkinson

Really powerful stuff, this is the only tongkat I've used where you can feel the T-boost kicking in strong after the first week, top marks for the product, but losing 2 stars from me as its expensive stuff.

Amazing Stuff

Submitted on 2018-06-20
Submitted By Josh Chittenden

After 9 days of taking 3 caps per day, I found that I had a mad high libido, I then carried on using the 3 capsules per day for another 2 days and then dropped down to 2 capsules per day on alternate days, this has kept my sex drive and energy levels sky high.

I started the TKA because I was lethargic, and as painful as it is to admit, I was lazy too, I now find myself full of energy, probably a little more energy than I know what to do with, because of this, I'm seriously considering joining the local gym, upping the dosage back to 3 caps and seeing what I can use this T-boost for physically.

TKA has had such a positive effect on my life that I just had to come back and post a review as thanks. : )

Buy The Best Tongkat Ali Extract

100% PURE Tongkat Ali Extract - ZERO Filler

TKA1:200™ Tongkat Ali extract

At Tongkat Fitness we annually test a wide variety of tongkat ali products, from traditional, through to modern standardized extracts, we do this to ensure that the tongkat ali we supply is not only the safest natural testosterone booster available, but the easiest to use and most effective.

Below we have listed three essential reasons why TKA1:200™ is our first choice tongkat ali extract, straight away you will notice that TKA1:200™ contains no "rice powder, magnesium stearate or silica" TKA1:200™ is 100% PURE tongkat ali root extract, unlike many of the cheaper products available online.

Why Choose TKA1:200™

1 2 3

The Most Effective Tongkat Ali

Due to the combination of delayed release capsules, premium quality 2.4% eurycomanone extract and the absence of bulking/flowing agents TKA1:200™ is more than twice as effective at boosting free testosterone levels vs. the best equivalent tongkat ali extracts found on online.

The Safest Extract Available

Being one of the few tongkat ali products produced in Europe using modern production methods with fine tolerances and stringent safety regulations, TKA1:200™ is free from the type of contaminants that are typically associated with Indonesian and Malaysian produced extracts. This makes TKA1:200™ perfect for long-term use.

The Easiest Extract To Use

Thanks to the consistent production quality of TKA1:200 through standardizing the extract at 2.4% eurycomanone, TKA1:200™ is much easier to use than most other extracts, allowing users to fine-tuned their dosage with accurate, repeatable results every time.

  • Standardized root extract
  • Consistent strength & quality
  • Ideal for bodybuilding & health usage

Learn more about TKA1:200™

Producing Better Supplements

Below we have taken information from the manufactures website highlighting what goes into producing TKA1:200™ tongkat ali extract. While other companies try their best to push down production costs, World A.B.S™ strives to provide the highest quality products.

Higher Production Standards

While all other tongkat ali extracts are produced in south-east Asia to a low standard with little quality control in place, World A.B.S take an entirely different approach bringing consistent strength, quality, and safety to tongkat ali extracts.

Flexibility of Root Selection

By employing an 'on-the-ground' raw materials specialist, World A.B.S are not tied to a single root supplier, giving them complete flexibility to select the best available tongkat ali root for production at the time of purchase.

Expert Extraction

The premium quality Indonesian tongkat ali root is then sent for production at one of three European plant extraction facilities, each of these facilities specializes in producing HPLC standardized plant extracts for EU and U.S. markets.

Independent Testing

Once the extract process is complete, the finished tongkat ali extract is tested by SGS and Intertek for safety and quality assurance, if these tests are satisfactory, the extract is then sent off to be encapsulated and bottled ready for sale and distribution. It is this level of dedication to production quality that makes TKA1:200™ the worlds number one tongkat ali product.

Standardized Tongkat Ali Extract

World A.B.S use a unique HPLC standardized tongkat ali extract at 2.4% Eurycomanone; this provides TKA1:200™ with a consistent, safe and high-quality extract.

Why 2.4% Eurycomanone?

Through intensive testing, dedicated research and mountains of customer feedback, World A.B.S have found 2.4% eurycomanone to be the perfect extract strength for use in 400mg size capsules, providing a safe everyday use tongkat ali root extract, maximizing the testosterone boosting effectiveness while maintaining the safety and integrity of natural tongkat ali extract.

DRS Delivery

DRS stands for Delayed-Release System; these capsules are specially designed to release acid sensitive ingredients such as tongkat ali extract into your digestive tract at the correct pH, this not only increases the absorption rate but also reduces the chance of gastric acids damaging the active ingredients or converting them into useless byproducts.

To learn more about DRS capsules please click here to visit the World A.B.S website..

Bottle Contents & Ingredients

Serving size: 1 capsule
Capsules per container: 90
Suggested Use: take 1 capsule, 3 times daily

  • 90 × 400mg capsules
  • 36g of premium qualtity extract
  • 1 month supply for bodybuilding
  • 6 week supply for health usage
Ingredient per serving Amt
Tongkat ali root extract (2.4% eurycomanone) 400mg


For directions please see our dosage page by clicking here

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Quantity Discounts

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If you added items to cart while you are not logged in, the user discount will only show at the delivery stage of checkout once you have signed in.

VIP Discount

LIMITED OFFER: Customers who purchase TKA1:200™ today will be fast-tracked straight to VIP Customer status, receiving 15% discount on their first order and all subsequent orders.


Customers with 4 previous orders will receive 20% discount on their fifth order and all subsequent orders afterwards.

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