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Genuine Tongkat Ali
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Genuine Tongkat Ali Root Extract
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TKA1:200™ Tongkat Ali extract

Standardized at 2.4% Eurycomanone

At Tongkat Fitness we annually test a wide variety of tongkat ali products, from traditional, through to modern standardized extracts, we do this to ensure that the tongkat ali we supply is not only the safest natural testosterone booster available, but the easiest to use and most effective.

Below we have listed three key reasons why TKA1:200™ is our first choice tongkat ali extract, you will notice that TKA1:200™ contains no rice powder, magnesium stearate or silica unlike many of the cheaper products available online.

The Most Effective Tongkat Ali

Thanks to the combination of delayed release capsules, premium quality 2.4% eurycomanone extract, and the absence of bulking/flowing agents, TKA1:200™ is more than twice as effective at boosting free testosterone levels than the best equivalent Tongkat Ali extracts found online.

The Safest Extract Available

Being one of the few tongkat ali products produced in Europe using modern production methods with fine tolerances and stringent safety regulations, TKA1:200™ is free from the type of contaminants that are typically associated with Indonesian and Malaysian produced extracts. This makes TKA1:200™ perfect for long-term use.

The Easiest Extract To Use

Thanks to the consistent production quality of TKA1:200 through standardizing the extract at 2.4% eurycomanone, TKA1:200™ is much easier to use than most other extracts, allowing users to fine-tuned their dosage with accurate, repeatable results every time.

  • Standardized root extract
  • Consistent strength & quality
  • Ideal for bodybuilding & health usage

Better By Design

Of all the nutritional products we have used since 2004, World A.B.S™ has proven to be superior by far, striving to provide the highest quality sport and health supplements through research testing and continually improving manufacturing techniques.

Production Standards

While most other Tongkat Ali extracts are produced in south-east Asia to a relatively low standard, World A.B.S™ import their tongkat ali root directly into Europe where the extract process is performed to a stringent set of regulations for safety and quality. The result means TKA1:200™ tongkat ali is of a much higher quality than its competitors.

Root Selection

By employing an 'on-the-ground' raw materials specialist, World A.B.S are not tied to a single root supplier, giving them complete flexibility to select the best available tongkat ali root for production at the time of purchase.

Expert Extraction

The premium quality Indonesian tongkat ali root is then sent for production at one of three European plant extraction facilities, each of these facilities specializes in producing HPLC standardized plant extracts for EU and U.S. markets.

Independent Testing

Once the extract process is complete, the finished tongkat ali extract is tested by SGS and Intertek for safety and quality assurance, if these tests are satisfactory, the extract is then sent off to be encapsulated and bottled ready for sale and distribution. It is this level of dedication to production quality that makes TKA1:200™ the worlds number one tongkat ali product.

Standardized Extract

World A.B.S use a unique HPLC standardized tongkat ali extract at 2.4% Eurycomanone; this provides TKA1:200™ with a consistent, safe and high-quality extract.

2.4% Eurycomanone

Through intensive testing, dedicated research and mountains of customer feedback, World A.B.S have found 2.4% eurycomanone to be the perfect extract strength for use in 400mg size capsules, providing a safe everyday use tongkat ali root extract, maximizing the testosterone boosting effectiveness while maintaining the safety and integrity of natural tongkat ali extract.

DRS Capsule Delivery

DRS stands for Delayed-Release System; these capsules are specially designed to release acid sensitive ingredients such as tongkat ali extract into your digestive tract at the correct pH, this not only increases the absorption rate but also reduces the chance of gastric acids damaging the active ingredients or converting them into useless byproducts.

To learn more about DRS capsules please click here to visit the World A.B.S website.

Inside Each Bottle

Each bottle of TKA1:200™ contains 90 x 400mg standardized tongkat ali root extract capsules, this is a total of 36 grams of extract.

When used for bodybuilding, one bottle of TKA1:200™ lasts around 30 days. If you are using TKA1:200™ for health reasons, a single bottle can be made to last approximately 60 days.


The manufacturer's directions for use recommend that you take one capsule three times daily. For a more in-depth look at dosage based on your requirements, we recommend taking a look at our dosage page by clicking here.

Extended Usage

TKA1:200™ can be used indefinitely at a low dosage with short brakes of 1 to 3 days as needed. When used at the full dosage it is recommended to have a rest period of at least four weeks every twelve weeks of use.


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(average from 48 reviews)

November, 17, 2019
Tom F - Reviewed - TKA1:200™

Knocked My Socks Off

I was using a tongkat extract that i found on ebay i thought it was half decent, and then i tried your stuff and it knocked my socks off!

What a huge difference, i am now wondering if the ebay caps i was taking were trib or something similar sold as tongkat?

October, 30, 2019
Ross Knight - Reviewed - TKA1:200™

Best Tongkat - Worst Shipping

I live in Portland, Oregon, and regularly order from your site, the tongkat is excellent, but I was recently disappointed when the free shipping that you offer took 14 days to arrive.

You state 4 to 7 working days on your shipping terms.
Please update your shipping information.

Hi Ross,

We contacted USPS about this issue, and they told us that your order was subject to a customs spot check adding seven working days to the stated shipping time. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do about customs spot checks.

Matthew Taylor - Customer Support

September, 07, 2019
Jamie K - Reviewed - TKA1:200™

The King Of T-Boosters

TKA is in a league of its own, I've tried other tongkats and other herbal t-boosters but nothing comes close to this. I won't be using anything else.

Thanks again for everything.

August, 12, 2019
Paul J - Reviewed - TKA1:200™

Incredible Tongkat

Just want to keep it short and sweet and give you guys a five star review the extract is absolutely banging!

June, 09, 2019
Emmi - Reviewed - TKA1:200™

Poor Delayed delivery

I have no idea why the product took one week and yet not delivered. I paid 5 pounds extra to get delivery in 48 hours yet have no news. No proper update on delivery and no tracking system. I got tracking number but shows no details anywhere. It’s very poor service and I hope I get my order as my trust level is down in them and thinking even if I’ll get it.

Hi Emmi,

We are sorry that your order never arrived, Royal Mail have let us both down in this case. You will be pleased to know that we have refunded your order in full.

Should you still wish to try the product we will offer you free upgraded Special Delivery shipping to compensate for this issue on your first order with us.

Matthew Taylor - Customer Support

April, 18, 2019
Joe H - Reviewed - TKA1:200™

We All Love T!

Lovin' the TKA, I used this after my other supplier went out of stock and now I'm glad they did.

Your tongkat is more expensive than my old stuff, but twice as good. I think I'll be sticking with the TKA1:200 from now on.

Cheers for the great customer support and rapid shipping!


April, 06, 2019
Jamal - Reviewed - TKA1:200™

Tongkat Ali & Chocolate

I received my tongkat about six weeks back, after the first two weeks I was not impressed as it seemed to be doing nothing.

I then did some more research and decided to cut chocolate from my diet, and chocolate is said to block the effects of tongkat, looking back I was a bit of a fiend for the Lindt chocolate.

The next week after no chocolate I was like a dog in heat, absolutely incredible stuff. I had to lower the dosage though, as I was getting a boner on the underground, almost had to miss my stop one time, so that I could keep my bag on my lap and avoid the embarrassment of walking off the tube with a travel boner.

I've docked you a star for the lack of diet related information on your website. It would be beneficial if you published a list of foods to avoid when using tongkat ali.

March, 02, 2019
John Dawson - Reviewed - TKA1:200™

Best I Have Used

I don't want to do too much ass kissing, but the tongkat is outstanding compared to anything else I have tried, top marks.

November, 09, 2018
Oliver Green - Reviewed - TKA1:200™

Top Quality Extract Express Delivery

The first time I tried tongkat I spent $35 dollars on Amazon, the first package they sent me went missing in the post, and the second package they sent took three weeks to arrive coming all the way from Singapore to the U.S. via snail mail.

This was my main issue, other than the shipping delays it worked nice for me, so decided to order myself some TKA from you guys and give it a try.

Initially I was just looking for a more reliable service with faster shipping than the Amazon store I had first tried, but I now realise that other stuff I had used previously was about half the strength of yours, add to the 3 day delivery time and I am now double pleased! hence my glowing 5 star review.

November, 05, 2018
Josh Chittenden - Reviewed - TKA1:200™

Amazing Stuff

After 9 days of taking 3 caps per day, I found that I had a mad high libido, I then carried on using the 3 capsules per day for another 2 days and then dropped down to 2 capsules per day on alternate days, this has kept my sex drive and energy levels sky high.

I started the TKA because I was lethargic, and as painful as it is to admit, I was lazy too, I now find myself full of energy, probably a little more energy than I know what to do with, because of this, I'm seriously considering joining the local gym, upping the dosage back to 3 caps and seeing what I can use this T-boost for physically.