Is Tongkat Ali Safe? - Learn How To Safely Use Tongkat Ali Extracts
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Is Tongkat Ali Safe?

At Tongkat Fitness we have been using Tongkat Ali extract since 2004, in this time we have tested many variants and different strengths of Tongkat Ali, here is what we think about the safety of Tongkat Ali usage. In our opinion, using standardized Tongkat Ali extract is one of the safest ways to boost your testosterone levels naturally, especially when applied to correct low testosterone levels back up to the high end of what would be considered normal for a healthy male.

No Shutdown

Tongkat Ali extract encourages your body to naturally produces testosterone so your testes don't shut down like they would if you were introducing an external source of testosterone such as patches or replacement therapy.

No Gyno

Tongkat Ali extract contains a number of active quassinoids that have a positive effect on testosterone production and the hormonal balance in the human body, one of those being Triacetyleurycomanone, acting as a mild aromatase inhibitor, Triacetyleurycomanone reduces the chance of Gynecomastia occurring.

(SAFETY NOTE 1) Ideally, use a standardized extract no stronger than 2.8% Eurycomanone to ensure the Triacetyl-eurycomanone content is at the correct ratio to be effective against gyno.

(SAFETY NOTE 2) When stopping using Tongkat Ali extract we recommend that you slowly lower the dosage, increasing the time between taking the capsules, allowing the triacetyl-eurycomanone to stay in your system as your testosterone level decreases.

No PCT Required

If you have used Tongkat Ali as directed in the dosage guide cycling with off periods and adhered to the safety notes one and two above; no Post Cycle Therapy is required, Your testicles will be naturally producing testosterone, and your hormonal balance will be stable.

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