Tongkat Fitness APPROVED

What Does It Mean To Be Tongkat Fitness Approved?

At Tongkat Fitness we have been using, testing and retailing Tongkat Ali extracts since 2004, over this time we have built a vast wealth of knowledge testing the best and worst products to ever appear on the market.

In 2017 we decided to set strict guidelines for Tongkat Ali extracts to meet, these guidelines encompass quality, sustainability, safety, and effectiveness. Tongkat Ali extract products that pass the rules listed below are awarded the Tongkat Fitness seal of approval.

Product Standards

  • Must contain genuine Tongkat Ali root extract
  • Must be produced using sustainably sourced Tongkat Ali root
  • Must be tested to HPLC standardization
  • Must be water based extract
  • Eurycomanone content must not exceed 2.6%
  • Eurycomanone content must not differ from stated amount (± 0.05%)
  • Must have a full valid Certificate of Analysis (CofA)
  • Must be free from contaminants as per EU & U.S. regulation