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Is Tongkat Ali Safe?

At Tongkat Fitness we have been using Tongkat ali extract since 2004, in this time, we have tested many Tongkat ali extracts from all corners of the globe. Below we have listed some of the key reasons using Tongkat ali is safer than testosterone replacement theropies and also some important safety factors to take into account when purchasing Tongkat ali extracts.

No Shutdown

Tongkat ali extract encourages your body to produce testosterone naturally, so your body does not shut down production like it would if you were introducing an external source of testosterone such as patches, injections, or oral steroids.

No Gyno (Gynecomastia)

Tongkat ali extract contains a number of active quassinoids that have a positive effect on testosterone production and the hormonal balance, one of those being Triacetyleurycomanone, acting as a mild aromatase inhibitor, Triacetyleurycomanone reduces the chance of Gynecomastia occurring.

(SAFETY NOTE 1) When stopping using Tongkat Ali extract, it is highly recommended that you slowly lower the dosage, increasing the time between taking the capsules, allowing your testosterone level to decrease gradually. For more information see our Tongkat Ali Dosage page.

No PCT Required

If you are using Tongkat ali as directed in our Tongkat Ali Dosage page, no Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is required, your testicles will be naturally producing testosterone, and your hormonal balance will be stable.

Buy Safe Tongkat Ali Extract

Although we have established that Tongkat ali is a safe, natural testosterone booster, the Tongkat ali plant is grown in Southeast Asia, because of this, there are two small considerations needed when buying Tongkat ali.

(1) PRODUCTION LOCATION Ideally use an extract produced in Europe or the U.S. where safety standards are strict, and production quality is very high.

You will find many companies retail Tongkat ali where the extract process has been carried out in Indonesia, Malasia, or other remote parts of Southeast Asia. In these regions, you will find that production standards are low, safety standards are often none existant, and certification can be bought with a small bribe, even the local water is not fit to drink.

In many cases, the same water will be used in the Tonglat ali extract process as well as the cleaning of machinery used. Because of this, the quality of the extracts coming from these regions is often substandard.

(2) CERTIFICATION Following on from reason one above, we recommend using a Tongkat ali extract with a full certificate of analysis provided by a trusted ISO 17025 certified laboratory such as SGS or Intertek. Certification should include Heavy Metals (As, Pb, Cd, Hg), Microbial testing for E.coli, Enteros, Y&M, Bacillus, Salmonella.

At Tongkat Fitness™, we only retail Tongkat ali that meets the above criteria. TKA1:200™ Tongkat ali extract is processed within the EU and has a full Certificate of Analysis comprised of microbial testing carried out by ISO 17025 certified laboratories. (SGS for microbial contamination, and Intertek UK for heavy metals).

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