How Pure is TKA1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract?

TKA1:200™ contains 36 grams of 100% pure standardized Tongkat Ali root extract encapsulated within XTR DRS vegetarian safe capsules.

Is TKA1:200 Vegetarian Safe?

TKA 1:200™ now comes in XTR DRS Capsules, these capsules are produced to European cGMP standard HPMC Vegetarian shells.

Can I Take Tongkat Ali Without The Capsule?

The short answer is yes; the contents of the capsules are safe to drink or eat raw, although 1:200 Standardized Tongkat Ali extract is extremely bitter tasting.

Although you are safe to consume the raw Tongkat Ali extract without the XTR DRS capsule, many of the active compounds that make up Tongkat Ali extract are acid sensitive. Therefore, it is recommended to use the Delayed Release capsule that is designed to safely transport the contents of the capsule past the stomach acid to the intestine for digestion.

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