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Purchasing Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali Truths & Myths Revealed

Because pure tongkat ali extract is a highly sought after product with a high price tag we have created this simple guide to bust some of the myths created by unscrupulous retailers, helping you make an informed decision when buying tongkat ali products.

Always Look For Root Extract.

This is true for traditionally produced extracts. Eurycomanone is the main testosterone boosting quassinoid found in tongkat ali, and it is mostly concentrated in the roots of the plant, therefore if you are buying a none standardized extract, you really need to look for a product that states "tongkat ali root extract on the label."

If you are purchasing a standardized tongkat ali extract this is less of a concern, standardized extracts are produced to a specific set of tolerances for the quantities of active quassinoids, in this case; eurycomanone, therefore stating root extract is less relevant as no guesswork is involved when producing standardized extracts.

Tongkat Ali Is Dark Brown In Color

False: The roots of the Tongkat Ali plant are light brown in color, and the extract is produced using Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) a crystal clear liquid. There is no reason why a well-produced Tongkat Ali extract would be dark brown.

In traditional extracts, it was naturally assumed that darker color meant a stronger extract; because of this some manufacturers would bake the extract till it was almost charcoal; this is not the best practice.

To learn more about genuine tongkat ali production, click here.

Tongkat Ali Roots

Tongkat Ali Roots

Tongkat Ali Chipped Root

Tongkat Ali Chipped Root

Tongkat Ali Root Extract

Tongkat Ali Root Extract

Tongkat Ali Is Bitter Tasting

True: Tongkat Ali extract is undoubtedly bitter tasting and should leave a lingering unpleasant taste on the tongue, in Malaysia Tongkat Ali is known as Penawar pahit this translates as "bitter medicine."

Tongkat Ali Is Water Soluble

True: Tongkat Ali is produced using liquid extraction, followed by spray drying, this method of extract makes plant extracts hygroscopic, meaning they will absorb moisture from the atmosphere over time.

If placed into liquid a genuine Tongkat Ali extract should dissolve, sometimes this requires a stir as the fine powder can sit on top of the water if it clumps.

Avoid Dirt Cheap Tongkat Ali Products

True: Because it is the root of the Tongkat Ali plant that contains the active ingredients, to produce genuine root extract the whole tree needs to be fully uprooted and a fresh tree planted per harvest, this makes Tongkat Ali root extract very expensive to produce.

It is quite safe to assume that dirt cheap Tongkat Ali products found on Amazon and eBay are not going to be 100% root extract.

Foods To Avoid While Using Tongkat Ali