About Tongkat Fitness

Experts Since 2004

Tongkat Fitness was formed in 2004 after using various strengths of Tongkat Ali extract with great success, we knew we had a product we could support, and customers would benefit from.

None Biased Information

We have a great product, but unfortunately, much of the information found online about Tongkat Ali needs to be more accurate and fraught with underhand marketing.

So we background-checked suppliers in the following years, researched manufacturing techniques, and tested various products. Not to slander other suppliers but to bring you the very best Tongkat Ali extract on the market and provide you with reliable, unbiased information about Tongkat Ali.

Within our articles, we look at some of the myths and truths surrounding Tongkat Ali. We explain dosage for the best results and much more.

Retailing Tongkat Ali

In addition to the impartial information we provide, Tongkat Fitness retails TKA1:200 standardized Tongkat Ali extract produced by World A.B.S. TKA1:200 is made using safe, modern extraction methods and tested by SGS UK and Intertek Ltd for quality assurance.

We have found TKA1:200 to be consistently high quality setting the bar well above the competition.