Tongkat Ali Side Effects

If you plan on using any testosterone booster, it is wise to understand the possible side effects that can occur and learn how to lower your risk of side effects.

Tongkat Ali Side Effects - Low Testosterone Usage

No side effects are noted when using Tongkat Ali to reverse the effects of low testosterone. You are returning your testosterone to a healthy level by stimulating natural testosterone production.

Tongkat Ali Side Effects - Bodybuilding Usage

Users push their testosterone up well above the norm when using Tongkat Ali for bodybuilding. In these cases, the following side effects can occur.

(1) Raised Aggression Not uncontrollable but noticeable at times. Raised aggression is typical of high testosterone levels from any source. If you find this becoming a problem, lower your dosage, and the level of aggression will subside.

(2) Restlessness When you use Tongkat Ali in high doses, your energy levels will rise, and you may find yourself staying up later than usual and looking for things to do. An excellent way to counter this side effect is to get active, go for an evening walk, run, or spend the afternoon in the gym burning off that excess energy.

(3) Spots With a significant increase in testosterone comes the risk of spots occurring. These spots tend to appear on the back and mainly in hot weather.

NOTE: The above side effects are typical of increased testosterone. To date, we have not seen any male pattern balding, hair loss or gynecomastia (gyno) from using Tongkat Ali.

NOTE: The information above is from our personal experiences using TKA1:200™ Tongkat Ali root extract. The side effects may differ if you use other spurious brands of Tongkat Ali.

NOTE: If you are prone to illness or allergies, consult your physician (doctor) before taking dietary supplements of any kind.

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