The Tongkat Ali Buyers Guide

Why Buy High-Quality Tongkat Ali Root Extracts

Genuine Indonesian Tongkat ali root extract is the market-leading free-testosterone boosting supplement, but it is costly to produce. Because of this, existing supplement retailers decided they could buy extracts from China dirt cheap and advertise these as Genuine Tongkat ali root extracts.

Must Be Root Extract

Tongkat ali extracts with the ability to boost free testosterone are produced using the roots of the Tongkat ali tree, as the tree matures, the active compounds build up within the roots making older trees a better choice.

Avoid Cheap Chinese Extracts

If the trees are grown in an area with contaminated soil, these contaminants can be absorbed into the roots over the growing period. So avoid Chinese produced extracts from Malaysian sources, as documented here.

Buy From A Tongkat Ali Specilist

Since Tongkat ali was featured on the Joe Rogan podcast in 2021, a large number of existing supplement retailers decided it would be good to add Tongkat ali to their existing stock, but with little experience, they ordered the cheapest extract they could purchase from China and flooded the market with fake or sub-standard extracts that only serve to tarnish the reputation of Tongkat ali for its free-testosterone boosting capabilities.

We recommend that you purchase from a retailer that specialises in Tongkat ali products rather than a company that sells many supplements, one of them being Tongkat ali.

To learn more about the plan extraction process, certification, and the difference between standardised and traditional extracts, please visit our Plant Extracts Page

Foods To Avoid While Using Tongkat Ali