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Purchasing Tongkat Ali Extract

Ideally, Purchase HPLC Standardized Tongkat Ali Root Extract.

The reasoning: Tongkat Ali extracts produced utilizing HPLC analysis equipment during production allows for consistent quality and therefore a more reliable, safer extract with accurate dosage.

The Importance of 2.4% Eurycomanone

The reasoning: When producing Tongkat Ali some companies will foolishly try to push the Eurycomanone content up higher and higher in a bid to out strength the next product.

TKA 1:200 is exactly 2.4% Eurycomanone, no more, no less, and with good reason. Research shows that Tongkat Ali extracts effectiveness as a testosterone booster peaks and plateaus at a ratio of 2.4 - 2.6% Eurycomanone, further to this extracts with a ratio higher than 2.7% Eurycomanone begin to reduce the levels of free testosterone in the bloodstream due to an increase in SHBG.

The Importance of Delayed-Release Capsules

The reasoning: Many of the active compounds found in Tongkat Ali extract are acid sensitive, making their oral bioavailability around 7% to 12%.

When administered in standard capsule form, the bioavailability of Eurycomanone rises to around 45%. While using DRS (Delayed Release System) Capsules designed purposely for acid-sensitive ingredients, the bioavailability increases to around 90%.

Beware of Low Priced Extract Tongkat Ali Extract

The reasoning: Pure Tongkat Ali extract will not be available on the market for less than $50 to $60USD per 36-gram. Even when purchased by the metric ton, after transportation, encapsulation, packaging costs plus any other overheads involved in bringing a Tongkat Ali Extract product to market, genuine Tongkat Ali extract can not realistically be sold for less than $1.50/gram.

Tongkat Fitness Only Sell The Best

At Tongkat Fitness, we regularly test all leading brands of Tongkat Ali extract to bring you the best testosterone booster available. To date, all other extracts that we have tested fall short of TKA 1:200 when it comes to consistent quality and testosterone boosting results.