Tongkat Fitness Testimonials

Pleased With The Service Improvements

Dear Tongkat Fitness,

I'm a regular customer of yours since 2010 as you are well aware if you look back over my orders, I'm emailing you with a BIG thanks for implementing your ground shipping here in Australia. I've been waiting for this feature as you promised back in 2011.

It takes all the worry away when ordering high value orders, I've never had any missing orders before but just to know it will be with me in a matter of days and not getting slowed down through customs and excise means a lot to me.

You should be proud of your service, shipping is actually cheaper now and the service is 3 days max not 3 weeks!


#1ProStack Review

I've attached several pictures of me in the gym after 12 weeks on ProStack, I'm loving this stuff, it feels like every ounce of protein I consume turns into muscle, my only regret is that I didn't do any decent before pictures of me 12 weeks ago, that's me not expecting the results I got.

I will be trying the strong Tribulus that you guys sell to see how that works along with my next cycle of #1 ProStack.

Many thanks, Andrew.


"Unbeatable Service"


Really please to find a British company offering ground shipping here in the United States, that's what I call service.

Five stars from me


"Feel Stronger"

Hi guys,

I just wanted to thank you for my supply of TKA. I'm a 43 year old guy who's decided to look at getting back into weight lifting. I've been on the products coming into my third week now and am having some great results. I have no post-workout soreness, feel stronger, have great levels of energy, feel happier than normal, nice sense of well being. As for down below, I've never had a problem down there, but was keen to see what might happen to me on the TKA. Well, all I can say is that I feel heavier, fuller, more masculine and I am getting frequent, harder, fuller erections like a 19 year old, with a short refractory period and a very welcome increased sex drive!

Cheers guys.


"Splendid Service"

Thank you for a splendid service, you have a very informative website, a marvellous product and the most competitive prices. There should be a star ratings for processional vendors, it would make things less difficult and a lot more efficacious and cost effective.

Yours sincerely.


Impressive Customer Service

Hi James,

Hope all is well. I received the TKA 1:200 shipment today. I'm very impressed with the customer service you've provided me, and wanted to thank you for that, as well as the quick turnaround in shipping the item.

Thanks again.


Will Be Ordering Again Soon

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for a great service, diet and workout advice I just finished my eight week cycle and wanted to let you know I got exactly what I wanted from this stuff I gained some quality muscle and kept my six pack nice one!

Oh and I appreciate the fact you don’t try to lead people astray giving them the impression they will turn into Schwarzenegger in 1 month like other supplement sellers.


This is why we love what we do

I'm writing in personally to thank you for saving my relationship, I had tried everything and was really down about my situation but thankfully I'm now so happy and in a really good place all-round with both a healthy sex life and back on track relationship wise with my girlfriend of 3 years, TK has given my sexy life the breath of fresh air that it needed so badly.


"The Best Extract I've Used"

Stunning service fast delivery and the best extract I've used in years, top work guys!


"Absolutely Amazing Results!"

Fellers I cant thank you enough, I was suffering from zero libido causing me all sorts of problems down below that i’d rather not go into detail about in this email but just 3 weeks on TKA & am feeling like a new man, the sex drive is higher than ever and I’m functioning better than ever in that department!! I would never of guessed that a bodybuilding supplement would solve my problem, who would of thought it! Thanks a Million, Sam.


"Will Be Recommending To My Friends"

Hi Guy’s,

I ran TKA 1:200 Tongkat Ali along with my standard Protein and Creatine for the first time last month and had absolutely amazing results, I’m extremely pleased with my gains no fat and all muscle! I will be placing a bulk order with you in the coming week with the intention running an 8 week cycle with a 3 week break!

Thank you.


Great Service And Very Informative Website.

Hi Guy’s,

It’s been my first month using the TKA 1:200 and I am extremely pleased, although it is obviously intended for bodybuilders I’d heard great reports when TKA 1:200 is used for sexual health reason and therefore decided to give it a go,

It is definitely the best long term solution to my testosterone related problem.

Thanks for the great service and very informative website.


Another Tongkat Ali Success Story

I emailed you last month regarding my low testosterone related problem that I had suffered for the last 2 years, I don’t know if you will remember but after speaking to you and doing more research I decided to give Tongkat a try.

You will be pleased to hear you have another Tongkat Ali success story on your hands! You’ve made me a very happy man and I would like to thank you personally, I am now feeling better than my old self and functioning 100% if you know what I mean!

Thanks for everything.


"impressed with the results after two cycles"

Dear Tongkat Fitness

I wanted to write in and let you know how pleased I am with the items I received from you.

I have been using the 5-M-7 XTRalong with Tongkat Ali after reading various Information found on forums and bodybuilding websites, I was very impressed with the results after two cycles so I decided to have some professional photographs taken that I would love to see on your testimonials page!

I was also very pleased when my local Health Service ran free health checks at my place of work and the results showed my cholesterol, blood pressure and heart rate were absolutely perfect, this was just what I needed to hear as I am about to start my third cycle soon.

Dave Evans

Dave Evans


A New Regular Customer

As a long term Tongkat Ali user after receiving my order last week I felt obliged to email back and let you know how pleased I am, not only with your speedy service but the website is great to use & the Tongkat Ali is of the highest quality, you have a new regular customer.

Many Thanks.



"Extremely Pleased Recommended To My Friends"

After hearing good things about the World Anabolic TKA 1:200 I decided to order the 2 month pack from you, since finishing the first of 2 packets I managed to achieve the type of gains that for me were previously unheard of, before taking the TKA 1:200 I had spent many months working out and seemed to be getting nowhere, below is a list of my latest gains.

Chest- 37.5″ to 39″
Shoulders- 43″ to 44.7″
Biceps- 12″ to 14.2
Forearm- 10.8″ to 12″

I also feel like a new man inside, much happier and confident I don’t know if thats the raised testosterone or just a knock on effect of feeling physically fitter.

All the same I’m extremely pleased and have recommended TKA 1:200 to my friends of whom you will no doubt be hearing from!


"#1 Pro Stack "Puts on the Timber"

Thought I’d email you back some photos of me after using #1 Pro Stack for 4 weeks.

Tongkat Ali Fitness Customer

As you can see iv put on some timber and toned up already! thanks guys, i’ll be on this for a full 12 weeks.

Ryan Holmes


"Kept All The Gains From My Last Cycle"

Hey Guys,

Quick message to say thanks for everything, I received my second cycle of tongkat from you today, after a five week break I managed to keep all the gains from my last cycle and cant wait to be making progress again.

Mark Liberto


Using Tongkat Ali Since 2004 & Very Happy

Have been using various Tongkat Ali grades cycling on and off since 2004, over the years I’v learnt a lot about Tongkat quality and thus was pleased to see you came through with the goods. As long as you never change your supplier or prices I’ll never stop buying Tongkat from you. Very very happy that I can get Tongkat Ali of this quality and price shipped all the way to Australia with no huge shipping charge, absolutely perfect.

Thanks, Stef.


The Pump For The First Time

Hi guys using the Pro Stack now for 3 weeks after a mate of mine told me about it, unbelievable stuff! For the first time in my life I actually get ‘The Pump’ from a good session at the gym and it feels so Fu#K!N great I had to write and say something.

Keep finding these great products and add me to your mailing list!

All The Best.


Will Fervently Recommend To Others

Just a quick note to say thankyou and ask a question!!

Received my Tongkat Ali from you and it is a far better quality than others I have tried before, Having taken Tongkat Ali for 6 months previously I have already noticed how good your 1:200 strength TongKat Ali is.

Will fervently recommend to others.

Just one question. I have never cycled Tongkat Ali. Do I really have to take a break from it? I would rather just continue taking it daily for the rest of my life.

PS: Love your site! Clean, user friendly and informative. Thanks Guys!

My kindest regards.


"Very Happy With The Gains In Muscle"

Dear Tongkat Fitness Team,

Wanted to let you know I have been training hard over the last 2 months and getting the results I wanted from the Tongkat, very happy with the gains in muscle and the fact I have managed to keep the ripped look, I had used Creatine Monohydrate in the past but the gains seemed very water based and not what I was after. Can I ask if possible to be added to the mailing list, I would be very interested in hearing about future products.

Many Thanks.


"Feeling More Alive Than I Have In A Very Long Time"

Dear Tongkat Fitness

I have been working in Austria over the winter season as a ski instructor and to be honest I was beginning to feel very run down by mid January and to add to that I had almost no sex drive at all, I was beginning to think I was over the hill, so I did what many people do and googled my symptoms of abnormal fatigue and low libido only to discovered low testosterone levels can be a prime cause in men of my age, further googling then led me to Tongkat Ali I thought why not!… Its safe to say this was one of my better decisions, after only 2 weeks on the Tongkat I was feeling like a new man again, my libido came back and I felt more alive and happy than I have in a very long time.

I truly can’t thank you enough…

All the best guys and if you fancy learning to ski let me know.



HUGE Difference In My Body

Hey James, # Anonymous # here How are you? preparing for christmas no doubt! OK have been on the Tongkat Ali for a couple of weeks now and I have to say starting to feel more energised and noticing a HUGE difference in my body tone. Abs and muscles getting very flat and hard. Anyway I am off to israel on the 8th. Is there any chance of having another bottle sent to get here before I leave as I want to take it with me?


Top Marks For Service

Very helpful and speedy delivery, top marks for service, I will let you know how I get on in a couple of months time.



"Trenkat Ali"

Been on cycle now for two months, I think you should change the name from Tongkat Ali to Trenkat Ali.. No seriously you can quite easily use this as a safe alternative to Anavar!


Frequent User Of Tongkat Ali

As a frequent user of Tongkat Ali I am over the moon to find a supplier in the UK especially selling 1:200 strength product, my order arrived the very next day! Great service guys keep up the good work.


Tongkat Ali For PCT

I thought I’d use Tongkat Ali added to my PCT after an 8 week cycle of Tren/Test I’d heard great reports about Tongkat Ali for PCT off a couple of guys at the gym so I started taking it the week before I came off my cycle by dropping the Tren and starting the Tongkat Ali then a week after stopping the Tren I stopped the Test as well and ran the PCT full swing with Nolva and the tongkat for the rest of the PCT,
I’ll just say this I’ll never run post cycle therapy again without it, I’m even considering running it 3 weeks before I go into my next cycle to stop the Tren from shutting me down as hard.


Excellent Service

I placed my order with you yesterday and received it next day, excellent service considering its free postage. I’m just waiting on a protein powder order to arrive then I can start my cycle.


The Best Supplement I'v Used So Far

When I started the cycle in the first week initially I wasn’t massively impressed I felt slightly stronger and that was all but about four weeks in and I’m noticing the effects kicking in big time its the best supplement I’v used so far cant believe its cut me up and put muscle on at the same time all this from a herb it seems crazy!

The strange thing is it’s changed my taste in music I used to listen to indie and emo but since using this I’m rocking hip-hop again!

Explain that one??!


Just What I Needed

Just writing to let you know I’m into my 3rd week now and its going good I have made some nice gains and feel about 10 years younger I’m training 3 times A week and recovering real fast after each session this is just what I needed. Thanks guys.