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Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris
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Why BTT Pro™

In 2017 World A.B.S™ re-formulated its premium quality Tribulus product to a new blend of 300mg of 45% Protodioscin Tribulus extracts with 200mg of 80% Saponins Tribulus extract into each capsule totaling 500mg of highly potent Bulgarian Tribulus Terris extract.

When used in conjunction with a high protein diet and intense training, the 60/40 ratio of the two types of Tribulus Terris extract found in BTT Pro™ can increase your muscle gain rate by twelve to fifteen percent over eight weeks.

Tribulus & Tongkat

BTT Pro™ can be used at the full dosage recommendations along with TKA1:200™ Tongkat ali root extract for an extract T-boost resulting in faster muscle gains when bodybuilding.

Inside Each Bottle

Each bottle of BTT Pro™ contains 90 x 500mg of blended Tribulus Terris extract: (300mg of 45% Protodioscin and 200mg of 80% Saponins extract).


The manufacturer's directions for use recommend that you take one capsule three times daily. When used for bodybuilding, a single bottle of BTT Pro™ will last approximately 30 days.

Extended Usage

BTT Pro™ can be used continually for up to 120 days. It is always recommended to take frequent brakes when using natural testosterone boosters.


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(average from 4 reviews)

October, 13, 2019
JP - Reviewed - BTT Pro

Decent Trib

For the price this isn't bad tackle. I tried some really cheap tribulus from my protein and it was all filler, this has some kick to it at least.

I'm going to combine this with some tongkat and see how I get on.

March, 08, 2019
Paul - Reviewed - BTT Pro

No Tongkat

Okay but compared to Tongkat its tame.

August, 23, 2018
Harry Jensen - Reviewed - BTT Pro

Real Tribulus

This is REALLY good Tribulus, I know many cheaper brands are out there but i'll never go back.

Other Tribulus I've used in the past is just shit in comparison, end of story!

August, 23, 2018
Ben Revill - Reviewed - BTT Pro

Top Quality

I have tried other brands and this is the only tribulus I have come across that actually affects me in a positive way, I would recommend using the with the tongkat and smashing the gym hard, increasing protein intake and adding creatine too.