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The Most Effective Cutting Supplement On The Market Today

Through evolution your body is highly efficient at absorbing and storing fats from the foods you eat, when designing a world class cutting supplement, reducing the body's ability to absorb fat, while decreasing the percentage of pre existing body fat is key to that super ripped look.

Recent research shows that a certain kind of Brown Seaweed Sodium Alginate Extracts (BSSAE) can help block consumed fats from being absorbed into your system by up to 75%. 

After performing Randomised Controlled Trials (RCT) we found Brown Seaweed Alginate Extract to be the most effective and safest natural fat blocker available in use today. We also added to this specific amount of Fucoxanthin, this unique compound promotes the burning of existing body fat as energy.

After years of research including several RTC's we managed to determine the most effective combined dosage of Brown Seaweed Alginate Extract and Fucoxanthin, we also found that, the overall weight loss effect was amplified when Green Coffee Bean Extract was added to this formula. Although Green Coffee Bean Extract proved relatively ineffective by itself, the slightly increased metabolic rate from Green Coffee Bean Extract when combined with Fucoxanthin noticeably increased the fat burning properties of ProCut CORE™.

In short our new ProCut CORE™ formula reduces the amount of fat your body absorbs while promoting the burning of existing body fats. This unique combination of compounds makes ProCut CORE the most effective all natural weight loss/cutting product available today.

Key Features Of This Product:

  • Reduces body fat intake
  • Burns existing body fat

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