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ProSTACK™ Reviews

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August, 23, 2018
Majzer - Reviewed - ProSTACK™

You Can't Beat This For Bulking

All I have to say is the two months I took this supplement I gained 20lbs of lean muscle. I started taking it at 191lbs at 5.9 % body fat and by the end of the month I was at 211 at 5.6 % body fat.

Try it and be serious about your diet and workout routine and you should see results like mine.

August, 19, 2018
Paul Marks - Reviewed - ProSTACK™

Better With Trib Added

In my opinion this new ProSTACK is not quite as strong as the original version, until you combine it with the Tribulus or the TKA and then it’s top notch stuff.

May, 14, 2018
Joel A - Reviewed - ProSTACK™


Since the price came down I decided to try out ProSTACK. It turns out it's easily one of the best bulking supplements I've come across although It shouldn't really be classed under bulking, it's more of a steady lean mass.

You don't get that bloated look that I've had before off bulking sups. It is a little slower acting but everything you put on is all muscle eliminating the need for a cutting cycle entirely which personally I like, it should come under its own category something like "Lean Bulk€."

Sustainable Lean Muscle Gains

ProSTACK is a state of the art bulking supplement designed to help you build lean muscle mass at a nice steady pace with 100% of the muscle gain sustainable after you stop using the supplement.

Using a very specific combination of D-Aspartic Acid r3-Complex® to boost natural testosterone production. pH correct Citrulline and Glutamine to stimulate HGH releases and DRS delivered Leucine metabolized in the intestine to help convert the protein that you eat into new muscle fiber, ProSTACK uses this combined effect to massively increases the rate that your body responds to intense exercise allowing you to recover faster and build lean muscle mass with ease.

  • Builds Lean Muscle Mass
  • Increases Protein Synthesis
  • Lowers Recovery Time
  • No Increase of Body Fat
  • Zero Water Retention

For more information about ProSTACK bulking supplement, please visit the manufacturer's website.


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