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Knocked My Socks Off

I was using a tongkat extract that i found on ebay i thought it was half decent, and then i tried your stuff and it knocked my socks off!

What a huge difference, i am now wondering if the ebay caps i was taking were trib or something similar sold as tongkat?

By on November, 17, 2019

Best Tongkat - Worst Shipping

I live in Portland, Oregon, and regularly order from your site, the tongkat is excellent, but I was recently disappointed when the free shipping that you offer took 14 days to arrive.

You state 4 to 7 working days on your shipping terms.
Please update your shipping information.

By on October, 30, 2019

Hi Ross,

We contacted USPS about this issue, and they told us that your order was subject to a customs spot check adding seven working days to the stated shipping time. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do about customs spot checks.

Matthew Taylor - Customer Support
Tongkat Fitness Home

The King Of T-Boosters

TKA is in a league of its own, I've tried other tongkats and other herbal t-boosters but nothing comes close to this. I won't be using anything else.

Thanks again for everything.

By on September, 07, 2019

Incredible Tongkat

Just want to keep it short and sweet and give you guys a five star review the extract is absolutely banging!

By on August, 12, 2019

A Powerful Supplement For Sure

Never experienced a supplement that has this much of an effect on my overall well-being & workout results. I'm not normally the type of guy who writes reviews but this needs to be recommended.


By on July, 17, 2019

Poor Delayed delivery

I have no idea why the product took one week and yet not delivered. I paid 5 pounds extra to get delivery in 48 hours yet have no news. No proper update on delivery and no tracking system. I got tracking number but shows no details anywhere. It’s very poor service and I hope I get my order as my trust level is down in them and thinking even if I’ll get it.

By on June, 08, 2019

Hi Emmi,

We are sorry that your order never arrived, Royal Mail have let us both down in this case. You will be pleased to know that we have refunded your order in full.

Should you still wish to try the product we will offer you free upgraded Special Delivery shipping to compensate for this issue on your first order with us.

Matthew Taylor - Customer Support
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Why Is Brazil Missing From The Shipping?

I've been ordering your Tongkat Ali for years, and when I come to order today I can no longer find Brazil listed as a shipping destination.

Can someone fix this issue for me please.

By on May, 10, 2019

Hi David,

We have updated the website recently and some of the previous shipping destinations still need adding to the new website. I will have the web team put Brazil back on the shipping destinations list for you.

Matthew Taylor - Customer Support
Tongkat Fitness Home

We All Love T!

Love the TKA, I used this after my other supplier went out of stock and now I'm glad they did.

Your tongkat is more expensive than my old stuff, but twice as good. I think I'll be sticking with the TKA1:200 from now on.

Cheers for the great customer support and rapid shipping!


By on April, 18, 2019

Tongkat Ali & Chocolate

I received my tongkat about six weeks back, after the first two weeks I was not impressed as it seemed to be doing nothing.

I then did some more research and decided to cut chocolate from my diet, and chocolate is said to block the effects of tongkat, looking back I was a bit of a fiend for the Lindt chocolate.

The next week after no chocolate I was like a dog in heat, absolutely incredible stuff. I had to lower the dosage though, as I was getting a boner on the underground, almost had to miss my stop one time, so that I could keep my bag on my lap and avoid the embarrassment of walking off the tube with a travel boner.

I've docked you a star for the lack of diet related information on your website. It would be beneficial if you published a list of foods to avoid when using tongkat ali.

By on April, 06, 2019

Best I Have Used

I don't want to do too much ass kissing, but the tongkat is outstanding compared to anything else I have tried, top marks.

By on March, 02, 2019